Making Money Selling Supreme

Supreme is one of the worlds most sought after brands, their limited collections which drop every Thursday sell out within a matter of minutes if not seconds online. Because of this limited availability, and competition to purchase their most popular pieces, a large, controversial resale market has developed. Resellers make thousands off buying supreme on release day and selling them for after market prices.


Do your Research:

Before the release, follow what social media and chat forums are saying about the upcoming release. this way, you can develop an idea about what pieces are most anticipated and will sell out quickly hence selling for the highest price.

If you conduct research into the supreme community, you’ll know that the culture is being taken over by ‘bots’ which allow people to check out their items in a matter of seconds. This means, if you hope to get your hands on supreme, you need to be quick.

What are the most valuable items?


The most valuable items are the box logo or ‘boo’ pieces. These are items that simply have the supreme logo on them. But good luck getting these as they sell out in less than 10 seconds!

Other valuable pieces are the highly coveted supreme collabs, but again do your research into which ones are most anticipated.

Checking out:

Make sure your details are saved onto the website because you won’t have time to enter these before the items sell out, make sure your card number is copied so you can paste it into the box without wasting precious seconds writing it out.

Or buy a bot. The hypebeasts won’t like this, however a bot guarantees your purchase quicker than anyone else. But, bots are expensive and cans et you back a few hundred pounds.


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